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Welcome to your course at Bay State College!

Online and hybrid courses provide flexibility in allowing you to reach your educational goals. These courses and our programs enable you to pursue a new career or enhance your current career. The following tips will help you to succeed in your course.


Orientation & Technology – Navigating technology and ensuring reliable Internet access is important so that it does not get in the way of your learning. Complete the online orientation and check your technology before you begin class.

Review the Course Syllabus and Explore the Course – Your course syllabus acts a guide for the course. It includes important information about assignments, due dates, assessments, and other expectations such as the learning objectives or outcomes that you can expect to achieve in the class. Spend time early in the course exploring all parts of the course to ensure that you know what is coming ahead.

Create a Schedule – Although you have flexibility with time and place, online courses have the same priority as face-to- face courses. Allocate time for your course on a daily basis. Create a schedule and stick to it so that you can pace yourself. Establish a routine. It will ensure that you complete the course.

Stay Organized – Note assignment due dates on your calendar and keep your work in labelled folders so that it is easily accessible and in one place. If you have other course materials such as your book and anything you have printed, keep them in one place. That way, everything you need will be organized and available to you when you are studying.

Have a Consistent Workspace – You will need to establish a consistent workspace where you can avoid distractions. Sometimes that means that you may not be able to study at home. Many students find a quiet space at the library, a coffee shop, or another space that is a consistent location free of outside interferences.

Seek Help When You Need It – There are many resources at Bay State College to help you should you encounter difficulty or have any questions. Communicate with your instructor and advisor regularly. They can also point you to other available assistance.

Enjoy your class!

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